Return & exchange in 14 days after received product(s).

Read also our algemene voorwaarden about return and exchange

Order products not in stock, can not return. Production Process is started and can not stopped.

And production process with ordered product(s) can not return or can not exchanged. Reed our Algemene voorwaarden.

Discount products can not return or exchange.

To return or exchange product(s) shipping cost for customer.

Received products with free shipping is Service form us to you, Customer. Return of exchanged product(s) with Free shipping wil be calculated minus shipping and return products cost. Free shipping will not fall under service anymore when u return product(s). so return (parcel) cost product minus (service cost =minus paid shipping cost from ledodf to parcel minus administration cost ) will send back to your account via your paid service.

Go here for return or exchange product(s) request

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